Monday, 27 June 2016

River Wharfe Buckden 26th June 2016

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NOTE: Environment Agency Trigger Levels have been increased for the River Wharfe from from '1' to '5' until further notice, as of February 2016. 

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Supplementary Readings (Non scientific / for information only):

26 June 2016
Kettlewell River Level 0.27m Rising

This measurement was taken online based on 09:00 on 27/06/2016
Mild humid overcast. Light wind
Air 12 deg C est.
Water 4 Deg C est.
Water TDS (Monitor battery failed)

PH Reading 8.5


Freshwater Habitats Trust: Clean Water for Wildlife Survey

Nitrates = Less than 0.2 Parts Per Million
Phosphates = 0.2-0.5 Parts Per Million